The Consultant Pack

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These documents are based on the ones that I've used to great success in my own businesses, including Hashrocket and as a pricey independent contractor. Fully annotated Pages, Word and PDF versions are included. My blog even has a free 54-minute workshop video recorded at BizConf 2010 with my lawyer friend Jose Gonzalez in which we discuss exactly how to use and negotiate the MSA+SOW contract.


An MSA (Master Services Agreement) along with its companion Statements of Work serves to both details the broad strokes of your vendor-client relationship and define specific phases and or deliverables of your contract. This template is a proven vehicle for contracting out teams over the course of long-term engagements and I've used it on dozens of projects with budgets up into multiple millions of dollars.


An RSA (Retained Services Agreement) is used to create a consulting relationship based on a periodical retainer payment, usually monthly. It is perfect for high-powered consultants or shops that want to establish recurring revenue, for instance, with ongoing maintenance or advisory arrangements. The RSA serves as a tool to help you divide your valuable time among multiple clients while still keeping a good handle on how much income you'll make per month. It is a valuable alternative to the MSA to have in your toolbelt.


I've been power using your RSA and will be sending it out to 5 different clients tomorrow.  The RSA is fairly written, applicable to any web/software service provider, and easily adaptable to my company tone & brand.  Thank you for this great product, you've saved me thousands of dollars! 

- Kevin Dubienski, Partner at YycApps

Please note: I believe that starting off with accurate, proven document templates such as the ones in this pack should help you save a lot of money in legal fees. But these SAMPLE templates are not a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer. Always have your attorney review, discuss and approve these documents before using them in your business.