About Obie

Quick snapshot
I have over 15 years of professional software development experience and have delivered dozens of consulting engagements with clients ranging from startups to departments and C-level executives of Fortune 500 enterprises.
  • Author of bestselling books about Ruby on Rails
  • Editor of Addison Wesley's award-winning Professional Ruby Series
  • Founder of Hashrocket, one of the world's leading web design and development agencies
  • Practitioner of Agile software development methods since 2000
  • Founding President of Agile Atlanta user group
  • Based in Atlanta, Georgia since 1998 with varying length stints around the world
As a consultant, I will always tell you the truth – not just what you want to hear. I have a deep and abiding love and respect for open source web technologies, particular in the Ruby realm. Since 2005, I have been one of the leading evangelists for Ruby on Rails on the web and in conferences around the world.

Over the years, I have helped my clients meet their business objectives by aligning technical initiatives with business goals. My primary responsibility to your business is to help you exercise good judgment when investing your critical development dollars. To do so, I meticulously cultivate my experience, creativity, intelligence, attitude and honesty. 

As an experienced independent consultant, startup entrepreneur and former agency executive, I leverage my extensive network and personal expertise to advise my clients. My services may be broadly categorized as:
  • Strategic technical consulting and thought leadership
  • Process and technical team management consulting
  • Architectural and code review of Rails-based projects
  • Technical recruiting advice
  • Social media marketing to technical audiences
  • Blog post writing (guest or ghost)
About my templates
When I sold Hashrocket, I retained rights to market document templates based on the successful contracts, agreements and other intellectual property that I developed during my tenure. My first offering, the MSA+SOW bundle has been purchased by many satisfied customers around the world.

Please note that I am not a lawyer and these documents are SAMPLE templates intended for draft use in conjunction with your own attorney. What I've found in my experience is that it is almost always advantageous to have a draft that you've prepared ready for discussion, review and approval by your attorney instead of having them draft documents for you from scratch. It represents a huge cost savings, potentially thousands of dollars.