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Do you sell consulting and contracting, especially in the software field?

If the answer is yes, then I’d like to help you become more successful and make more money by improving your own proposals and contracts.

My sales experience dates back to Thoughtworks (one of the most famous custom software shops of all time) and my own firm Hashrocket in the 2000s, further back if you count other kinds of sales.

I don’t only have my stories though. I also have a cache containing hundreds of real proposals and contracts, plus a constant stream of new proposals and contracts that I’m writing every week as the partner in charge of business development at my new web design and development agency, MagmaLabs, and those that I get through my network of friends and associates in the consulting world.

But how do I expect that stuff to help you?

Paid subscribers to my mailing list get real-life consulting sales stories along with real proposal and contract documents from me once a week.

I’m not talking about templates like the ones I sell on this website. I’m talking about actual proposals and contracts with real project descriptions and contract terms, including dollar values. Only the identity and confidential information of the clients will be removed.

This is truly a unique offering that you can’t get anywhere else. The monthly subscription costs $50 and the yearly subscription nets you a 17% discount at $500.

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