Offer Letter Template Bundle

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A clear, comprehensive and full-featured 4-page offer letter template for use with new hires. This template is fully annotated with my commentary and based on the offer letter wording that I have used many dozens of times over the last 5 years. In addition to the standard terms of employment that you would expect to find, I have included valuable, optional boilerplate paragraphs to cover:

  • Relocation expenses
  • Signing bonus
  • Equity grants
  • Phone/Travel expenses
  • Confidentiality and Invention Assignment
  • "Side Project" Exceptions
  • Non-compete Clause

Bundle includes Pages, MS Word and PDF formats.

Please note: I believe that starting off with accurate, proven document templates such as this bundle should help you save a lot of money in legal fees. But these SAMPLE templates are not a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer. Always have your attorney review, discuss and approve these documents before using them in your business.