MSA + SOW Combo Pack (Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work templates)

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Due to popular demand, you can now purchase my 6-page MSA (Master Services Agreement) contract template along with its corresponding SOW (Statement of Work) template for only $99. These two document templates are based on the ones that I've used to great success in my own businesses, including Hashrocket.

Fully annotated Pages, Word and PDF versions are included in bundle.

BONUS: On my blog you will find a 54-minute workshop video that tells you exactly how to use and negotiate this exact MSA+SOW document bundle.

The template by itself is discounted to $99.

I am also offering a 20 minute phone consultation in which I explain the use of a master services agreement and statement of work as it applies to your business with the intention of saving you even more money when you take the customized template to your lawyer for approval. I am also happy to give you pointers on negotiating using a statement of work.

The template plus phone consultation is $299.

Please note: I believe that starting off with accurate, proven document templates such as this MSA+SOW bundle should help you save a lot of money in legal fees. But these SAMPLE templates are not a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer. Always have your attorney review, discuss and approve these documents before using them in your business.