Lead Referral Agreement

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This easy-to-read sales lead agreement allows a company and a well-connected person to establish a legal arrangement for paying commissions on referrals. The templates are fully annotated and based on the contract that I have with a number of web design and development agencies (including the one I used to own.)

This agreement is very useful to the busy consultant. If your experience is like mine, you will constantly be passing off business that you can't handle to friends and competitors. You could take an optimistic stance of hoping for quid pro quo, or you could put a lead referral agreement like this one in place to make sure your due slice of the pie.

There is a school of thought that says you should refer business to people in your network for free. I belong to that school of thought, with the exception of referrals related to my specialty. Web design and development is my primary domain of expertise. When someone comes to me wanting a referral to a service provider in that domain, it takes a foundation of ongoing effort to know how to best make a connection that will result in a successful business outcome. In my judgment, that's worth compensation, not simply goodwill or favors owed.

As with all templates on msabundle.com, the zip file contains templates in Apple Pages and Microsoft Word formats, plus an annotated PDF copy for reference.

Please note: I believe that starting off with accurate, proven document templates should help you save a lot of money in legal fees. But this SAMPLE template is not a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer. Always have your attorney review, discuss and approve these documents before using them in your business.