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Introducing the Offer Letter Template

Posted by Obed Fernandez on

Hiring employees is exciting, especially when you're just starting out. An offer letter is a must-have document in your template library and the importance of having solid, proven wording cannot be overstated.  Generally speaking, an offer letter lays down the terms of work and compensation that your company is offering to the prospective new hire. It includes basic details like the salary package, department, position, and vacation. The candidate gets a specified number of hours or days to review, responds with counter offers or alterations in terms, and sign, indicating acceptance and intention to join your company. The process of offer...

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RSA Coming Soon

Posted by Shopify on

Getting ready to start 2012 with a new product offering to complement my traditional MSA+SOW bundle. When you're working as an independent consultant or small agency on retainer, it's advantageous to use a Retained Services Agrement (RSA) contract instead of an MSA.

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